of 2015 Dordt College graduates
report being employed or enrolled
in continuing education opportunities by December 31, 2015.




A survey of the Dordt College Class of 2015 found 197 of 294 grads graduated with a degree in one of these top 6 areas:




Similarly, 174 of 294 total Dordt College grads from 2015 are employed in one of these top 6 areas:



Dordt's Class of 2015 graduates are studying and working in 23 states, 3 provinces, and in international locations like Australia, Nicaragua, Argentina, and China.


Since graduation, Dordt's Class of 2015 graduates have moved to a variety of locations, including the following metro areas:


More than 20 Dordt graduates from the Class of 2015 chose to attend graduate school. A few programs of study they chose include seminary, mechanical engineering, pharmacology, and social work.

Alabama A&M
Baylor University
College of St. Scholastica
Colorado State University
Creighton University
Denver Seminary
Illinois College of Optometry
Iowa State University
Knox Theological Seminary
Luther Seminary
Mid-America Reformed Seminary
Northwestern Health Sciences
School of Missionary Aviation
South Dakota School of Mines &
St. George's School of Medicine,
    Northumbria University (UK)
           *Not Pictured on Map
Texas A&M University
University of Colorado: Denver
University of Denver
The University of Iowa
University of Minnesota: Twin Cities
Wayne State College

Thad VE.jpg

Thaddeus 'Thad' Van Essendelft

Thad is putting his engineering degree to good use in his role as Design Engineer for Calhoun-Burns & Associates, a company that designs and inspects bridges on the county road systems across the state of Iowa.

"My main role as a design engineer is, well, designing bridges!" says Thad. "That includes performing a hydraulic analysis to determine the type of bridge needed and length required, as well as carrying out structural and quality calculations to put together a set of final plans for construction."

Thad will eventually need to be certified as a bridge inspector, which takes time and experience. In the meantime, he enjoys the work that he does.

"In addition to design and inspection, I have also had the opportunity to go out on job sites to do quality control and testing of materials during construction," he says.

Even though he's been working for less than a year, Thad says he can clearly see how his Dordt education has equipped him to succeed at his job.

"The most useful thing that Dordt taught me was how to learn and find out things for myself," he says.

"My professors frequently used methods that encouraged my classmates and me to have a certain amount of responsibility in our own learning." This has helped Thad to be confident and prepared in the work that he does.

"I don't think I ever realized how unique it was to be a part of a college campus," says Thad as he reflected on his time at Dordt. "It's such an imaginative environment where there is a wealth of opportunities to expand your perspective—not just in academics and extra-curricular activities, but in relationships also."

"I am truly grateful to the Lord for providing a place for me to meet such amazing people," says Thad. "I will always miss experiences I shared and the things I learned with these people."


Aubrey Pasker

"After graduation I went to Perth, Australia, to participate in YWAM (Youth with a Mission) Discipleship Training School," says Aubrey.

She spent three months in Perth before heading to South Africa and Lesotho for three months of outreach. While engaging in outreach, Aubrey visited schools, summer programs, and taxi rings to talk about signs of human trafficking and how to stay safe.

"Our outreach focused mainly on teaching human trafficking prevention tips and participating in street outreaches," says Aubrey. "We also did regular night outreaches, where we spent time talking to and sharing love with women in prostitution who were working the streets."

Aubrey has been working to raise funds for her next trip to Amsterdam in April, where she'll attend a two-month seminar to learn even more about anti-trafficking work so she can continue working with women in prostitution.

"My time at Dordt laid a solid foundation of doctrinal beliefs for me to take with me to Australia," says Aubrey. "While at Dordt, professors challenged me to make my faith my own. They pushed me to ask the hard questions and seek out truth, even in the darkest experiences."

Aubrey appreciates that, through her Dordt education, she learned to stand on her own and defend what she believes.

"I learned not to cover up what is true just because it's frightening or ugly. Rather it's better to expose that which lies in darkness so that light may overcome it," says Aubrey. This understanding has helped Aubrey as she works with women in prostitution as well as other victims of sexual exploitation.

"My professors and mentors at Dordt instilled in me the courage to seek and speak truth, even when doing so is unpopular," she says. "At Dordt, I was allowed to push back against professors. The freedom to challenge what was being taught shaped me more than any well-crafted lecture could have."

Aubrey hopes to eventually get involved with long-term missions.

"Until then, I'll just follow Him, one step at a time and work to administer God's love and freedom wherever I might be."


Josh Van Kekerix

A lot has changed for Josh since he graduated from Dordt in May 2015.

He started working at American State Bank as an agriculture loan officer. "I have also been farming some land and helping farm with my father and brother in Sheldon, Iowa," he says. Then, he got engaged to his girlfriend Emily; they plan to marry in October 2016.

As he thinks back on his Dordt education, Josh believes his coursework and professors prepared him well for the working world.

"As a loan officer I work with a variety of different types of agriculture so some of the classes that taught me about different kinds of agriculture enterprises were helpful in helping me to understand how they work and how they operate daily."

What did he appreciate most about his Dordt education, though?

"I appreciate the ability to talk and learn from students who have had experiences with other facets of agriculture. Whether it was different sectors of crop farming, livestock or agribusiness, there were students who came from all different backgrounds," says Josh.

Eventually Josh would like to be in a management role in banking; he also wants to keep working on the family farm to help it grow and become successful.

Josh says he's proud and thankful that he found a job right after college. "I've learned a lot from my job as an ag loan officer about finances and what it takes to be successful in business in general," he says.


Elizabeth Riley

After graduating from Dordt in May, Elizabeth spent the summer working a few part-time jobs before moving to Tampa.

"I jumped right into my first year of teaching, and it's been the busiest and most challenging experience of my life, but I absolutely love it," says Elizabeth.

What she learned while studying in Dordt's Education Program has helped her to think on her feet.

"My experience at Dordt gave me all the skills for teaching that can be taught," she says. "I'm using the skills I learned at Dordt in the every day situations that require quick responses and am finding that sharing Christ's love in reality takes more intentionality than I'd anticipated but is so much more rewarding."

Even though she's miles away from Sioux Center, Elizabeth still listens to Aaron Baart's chapel series on her drive to work.

"As I build relationships in a city where I knew no one six months ago, I find myself both missing and valuing the community at Dordt," says Elizabeth.

Elizabeth thinks that, eventually, she'd like to get a master's degree or perhaps become a foster parent. For now, she's thrilled to be learning so much from her first year of teaching.

"Honestly, I'm proud that I'm learning from my mistakes. My first year of teaching hasn't been beautiful, but I'm seeing where I can change things, sometimes right away and sometimes when I teach the same unit next year. Learning definitely doesn't stop as a teacher," says Elizabeth.


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